Aurora Carlson

Aurora Carlson is an Ayurvedic practitioner, healer, and teacher with over twenty years of experience. She has shared knowledge with eager students at the first Ayurveda school in Sweden and has founded the Open One School of Ayurveda and Healing, creating programs and educating several generations of Ayurvedic practitioners and remote healers. She is a licensed social worker and linguist living in Sweden and working globally with Ayurvedic counseling, life coaching, and remote healing.

Besides her work, she is inspired by her two children, with whom she often discusses how a shift in consciousness can change societies, the ecosystem, and the future of humanity. She loves hiking and bathing in the clear mountain rivers in Sweden as much as she enjoys the bustle of cities world-wide. You might catch her meditating at a few concerts and conferences, but a meadow, a train seat, or a yoga mat are her usual meditation places. 

After years of living her purpose, Aurora is even more convinced that she can end the suffering on our planet, not by herself, but together with the amazingly loving people she meets everywhere. She has written the book Healing Is Child’s Play in order to help awaken as many people as possible to their real identity and power. 

Right now, she is focused on creating the Innocent Mind Healing Community, in order to bring together everyone who already is or wants to become a world healer. She hopes the IM healing community will be a place where people can heal, evolve, enjoy, prosper, and create consciously together.

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