Healing Is Child's Play

Available at online bookstores worldwide

Understand Yourself

Learn to discern and care for all dimensions of your multilayered, universal being.

Create Consciously

Create the body, circumstances and world you truly wish to experience.

the solution is


"Shows you how to fundamentally heal anything at any level."

Nina Koivumäki

"The most relevant metaphysical book I have read in more than a decade."

Jennifer K. Lasell

"Extremely valuable workbook for healers."

Ernst Koch

"mind-opening, heartwarming, and soul-touching"

Nadia Costachel

"It will heal all for generations to come"

Neeraj Kumar, PhD.

"A soul guide."

Wole Dipo-Ayeni

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Your being is

more powerful than you think

Identifying with a limited body and personality has led human beings to create a self-destructing world marked by fear, anger, lack, and separation. 

Through a shift in identity towards awareness, you can discover that you are not a victim or powerless bystander. You can easily heal your life and participate in the healing of other beings, the ecosystem, and the planet. No challenges are impossible to deal with when you know who you are.

“Healing Is Child’s Play” contains detailed explanations of your subtle anatomy, the process of creation, practices for awakening, and step-by-step guidance to heal specific issues, from your health, career, relationships, and finances to climate, the ecosystem, and the planet. 

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remember who you are


Healing Is Child’s Play teaches us that the limits and the magic are in us.

We are creating a community of healers

innocent mind healing community

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